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We do most of our adult programs through...

Concrete living 

Concrete Living is a full-day of programs in yoga, ballet + meditation held in North Vancouver’s stunning Pipe Shop at Shipbuilders’ Square.


Join Alix Dunham and Lindsay Deakin each Monday as we intentionally add a few small things into our lives that bring us joy, rest, grounding and connection. A full-day of community programming offers classes for all ages, abilities, genders and economic situations. You are welcome here.


And Shipbuilder’s Square is the perfect backdrop for us to cement our connection as we’ll be partnering with local coffee shops / breweries for you to visit before/after/during your weekly Monday visit.

*scholarships available



(Grit for Grownups)

GREY MATR is your time and your place to slow it all down. To find some quiet, to find some truth, to connect to yourself and figure out what the hell is going on in there. 

Each week will feature a different topic related to brain-health + soul-resilience with meditation as the backbone of our practice.


The beautiful by-product of GREY MATR is the connection we make to the other humans - we figure out that we’re all really in the same ship, just at different parts of the journey.


We’re honoured to be in the beautiful space of North Vancouver's Pipe Shop at Shipbuilders Square. 

When: Mondays 9:30-11am Sept - Dec / 2023


Where: Pipe Shop, Shipbuilders Square


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