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Grit at work

Grit at work is a special initiative aimed to give employees tools to handle emotions and life in retail, service, and anywhere else they may find themselves. 

Our workshops add a calm, educational, and useful toolbox for your employees to access whenever they need. We cover emotional regulation, brain-health, and soul resilience in every session we spend with you. Through repeating or one-off workshops, everybody on the team will understand the benefits of meditation and how it can drastically increase their own mental health. 

How does it work? 

We can run Grit in your space however you'd like!

Inside, outside, during a staff meeting, as an optional workshop...

truly however your workspace would benefit best from a Grit workshop is how we run one. 

What do we leave with?

Your entire staff will leave with a basic understanding how how meditation benefits the brain, the tools to begin working on emotional regulation, practical ideas on how to calm the nervous system, experience meditating, and a supply of guided meditations to help them get through the tougher days. 


We work on a sliding scale! Please send us an email if you're interested.

 We'd love to hear from you! 

grit in this space

grit in this space

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